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2018 Vol.28, Issue 6 Preview Page
December 2018. pp. 609-619

주선풍기가 설치된 통기수갱이 굴착된 국내 석회석 광산에서 수행한 통기수갱의 통기효과 분석결과 자연통기 및 기계통기 효과가 뚜렷하게 나타났다. 수갱을 통하여 입기되는 자연통기량은 최대 11.7 m3/s 이었으며 갱내 공기온도의 측정에 의하여 비교적 정확한 정량적 예측이 가능하였다. 선풍기 가동에 의한 배기 통기량은 20.3~24.8 m3/s로 통기량의 변동은 갱도내 장비의 이동에 의한 통기특성곡선의 상향이동에 따른 선풍기 운전점의 변화에 의한 결과이므로 통기저항의 저감 노력이 요구된다. 갱구로부터 수갱까지 총 1912 m 갱도내 난류확산계수는 15 m2/s, 18 m2/s로 나타나 오염물질은 기류보다 상대적으로 빨리 확산되므로 공기질 제어를 위하여 신속한 배기가 요구된다. 따라서 통기용 수갱은 급격히 심부화 및 대형화되고 있는 국내석회석광산의 지속적 개발을 위한 필수적 갱내 환경제어 시설로 권장되어야할 것으로 판단된다.

This study was carried out at a local limestone mine to analyze the ventilation efficiency of the shaft equipped with a main fan. The results show that its ventilation efficiency is clearly verified for the natural as well as the mechanical ventilation. The airflow rate of 11.7m3/s was induced by the natural ventilation force and the maximum quantity is almost same as the airflow rate estimated by monitoring the average temperatures in the upcast and downcast air columns. Meanwhile, the airflow rate exhausted by the main fan through the shaft was 20.3~24.8 m3/s; variation of the quantity was caused by the upward shift of the mine ventilation characteristic curve due to the frequent movement of the equipment. This indicates efforts are required to reduce the ventilation resistance and raise the quantity supplied by the main fan. The turbulent diffusion coefficients along the 1912 m long airway from the portal to the shaft bottom was estimated to be 15 m2/s and 18 m2/s. Since these higher coefficients imply that contaminants will be dispersed at a faster velocity than the airflow, prompt exhaust method should be planned for the effective air quality control. The ventilation shaft and main fan are definitely what local limestone mines inevitably need for better working environment and sustainable development.

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  • Journal Title :Tunnel and Underground Space
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  • Volume : 28
  • No :6
  • Pages :609-619
  • Received Date :2018. 11. 26
  • Accepted Date : 2018. 12. 03