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2018 Vol.28, Issue 6 Preview Page
December 2018. pp. 620-634

고속도로면으로 부터 심도는 약 7.5 m로 얕으나 너비가 약 21 m로 넓은 터널의 안정성을 확보하고 도로면의 침하를 최소화하기 위하여 NTR(New Tubular Roof)공법을 보조공법으로 이용하였다. 이 방법에 따라 터널 굴착예정선 둘레에 직경 2.3 m의 강관 13개를 종방향으로 압입하고 강관측벽을 뚫어 서로 연결한 후 강관내부와 연결공간을 콘크리트로 채워 라이닝을 먼저 만들었고 라이닝 내부 지반을 굴착하여 터널을 완성하였다. 여러 개의 강관을 순차적으로 압입함에 따라 이완영역이 서로 연결되면서 폭이 점차 넓어지는 공동으로 거동하여 침하증분이 커졌고 터널 폭이 가장 넓은 곳에 강관을 압입할 때 도로면 침하증분은 약 2.2 mm로 최대였으며 라이닝 시공 때 까지의 총침하는 약 7.7 mm이었다. 그리고 폭이 넓은 라이닝 내부 터널을 굴착하면서 약 4.3 mm의 침하가 추가로 발생하면서 시공종료 후 총침하는 약 11.8 mm가 되었다.

The NTR(New Tubular Roof) method was used to secure the stability of the tunnel and minimize the subsidence of the road. The tunnel was constructed at about 7.5 meters deep below the highway. with a width of about 21 meters. Following the NTR method, 13 steel pipes with a diameter of 2.3 meters were digged and pushed in longitudinally along the tunnel profile and cut out sides of pipes to connect to adjacent pipes, then filled the inside of pipes and the connected space between pipes with concrete to complete the lining of the tunnel to be excavated. As the steel pipes were digged in sequentially, the area of relaxation was connected to each other and behaves like a gradually widening tunnel. When the steel pipes were digged in to the widest points of the tunnel, the settlement rate of the road surface was increasing to the maximum as 2.2 mm and the total settlement until the lining construction was approximately 7.7 mm. After that, by excavating a tunnel inside the pre-installed lining, an additional settlement of about 4.3 mm was occurred, resulting in the total settlement of about 11.8 mm after completing of tunnel construction.

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  • Journal Title :Tunnel and Underground Space
  • Journal Title(Ko) :터널과 지하공간
  • Volume : 28
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  • Pages :620-634
  • Received Date :2018. 11. 27
  • Accepted Date : 2018. 12. 16